Jones Island Blues

Appropriately named after a human waste processing plant in Milwaukee, the duo known as Jones Island Blues emerged from the post-Grunge musical cesspool of the late nineties, longing for the low-fidelity sound of bygone years. Armed with an assortment of tools, including a mini-cassette answering machine, an old EV mic, an analog 4-track, and a 1940's Harmony guitar, they set out recapturing their nostalgia. Nearly a decade after first being recorded, the original Jones Island Blues songs are now available in their unrepentant, uncensored glory.


  • Fly


    Jones Island Blues - Fly

  • I Go Down


    Jones Island Blues - I Go Down

    This song was featured as part of the soundtrack for Michel Negroponte's documentary film, "I'm Dangerous With Love."

  • Madrid '93


    Jones Island Blues - Madrid '93 (Barracuda Junk Wagon Blues)

  • North Ave


    Jones Island Blues - North Ave

  • The Bone Song


    Jones Island Blues - The Bone Song