Roman Rising

Roman Rising (aka Roman Edirisinghe) is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter based out of Boston, MA.

Best known for his collaborations with Milwaukee bands De La Buena (Latin jazz ensemble), Urban Empress and the UrbanItes (roots reggae specialists), Tristan Royalty Squad (Afrobeat), and One Drum (world music), Roman is stepping out on his own to reconnect with his musical soul. Inspired by a confluence of folk, world, reggae, jazz, bossa nova, and rock, he is working on a full length album, which got a hand up via Kickstarter.


  • Wonderland (Album)


    Featuring mellow bossa cuts and courteous hat-tips to reggae, world, electronica and folk, "Wonderland" is the debut solo album by multi-genre artist Roman Rising.

  • Your Eyes


    Roman Edirisinghe's latest song, Your Eyes, is now available! It features the talents of Glenn Asch (viola), Kirsten Jermé (cello), Marie Kuzniar (violin), and Jeremy Kuzniar (drum kit).

  • Distant Dream


    Distant Dream is a hauntingly melancholic song about a relationship gone sour. Originally appearing on the NPR Monitormix blog in November of 2009 as part of a weekend challenge to musicians, it is now available via Rambutan Records.