Waka Waka (Zamina)

Hot off the press, the latest tune by One Drum reinterprets Zamina Mina, the 1986 Cameroonian hit by the group Golden Sounds (aka Zangalewa). True, Shakira might have used Zangalewa's song as a foundation for her Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) World Cup hit, but we know where to give credit when credit is due: Jean Paul Ze Bella and his companions in the group Golden Sounds/Zangalewa brought this song to the world. Part of the standard One Drum repertoire since the late 90's, we started recording this alternate version in late 2009. You will not be able to resist this deep groove.

One Drum - Waka Waka (Zamina) sample

Roman Edirisinghe - backup vox, bass, drum programming, stubble
Jeff Green - backup vox, guitar, bucket-o-guano bass
David Stocker - lead vox, coconut cuica, guitar, rigged berimbau, throat singing

Guests backup vocals:
Carrie Lee, Emily Jansen, Andrea Mahan, Beth Norris, Ian Stocker, Luke Willard

Musician One Drum